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  • Nicole Miller

Your Food Choices – Awareness, Quality & Planning

Do you struggle to make healthy food choices on a regular basis?  We know the benefits of healthy eating, but we may not know how to implement change. To make better food choices on a regular basis–more often than not–I recommend the following:

1) Be AWARE of what you eat. What do you consume on a regular basis? Be mindful of the food you put in to your body. I suggest logging or journaling your food intake for 4 days. This will make you aware of what you are eating and how much. I encourage you to do the same with your children. You may be surprised! Download this food record form and fill it out completely. It will be a challenge, but a worthwhile one. Once you complete your log for 4 days, reflect on what you discover. Is there room for improvement? Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables? How’s your water intake? Are your serving sizes appropriate?

2) Look for QUALITY foods. If you have 200 calories worth of chips or carrots, which food has a higher nutritional value? The quality of your food matters. This video shows a variety of foods and drinks that are 200 calories.

Understand that you need quality foods; ones that enhance your health. Read food labels and educate yourself on what to look for. Personally, I love the app Fooducate. While at your supermarket, use it to scan the barcodes of your food items . The app will grade the health value of your food on an A to D scale. Better yet, it is free!

3. PLAN ahead. No one is successful without a little planning or preparation. Those that are the most successful at maintaining their weight (or loosing it) have a weekly plan, not only for exercise, but for meals too. Weekly, plan your meals and prep for them. If you struggle to come up with meal ideas, use on online service such as Six O’Clock Scramble or Emeals. If eating out is a must, plan for it in advance by seeking out food establishments with healthier food options. You can look up menu items online and some even offer nutritional information. Keeping healthy snacks in your car is a great way to prevent yourself from getting too hungry. We know that when we get too hungry, healthy choices lose their appeal!

The only way to make healthier food choices on a regular basis is to create a change in the way you do things. I hope these recommendations stimulate that change!

Have you been successful at making healthier food choices? Share what has worked for you.

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