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What’s that blue-half-dome-thingy?

It’s a BOSU® Balance Trainer!

Pronounced “Bo,” like the boy’s name, and “Sue,” like the girl’s name explains, “The BOSU® Balance Trainer debuted in 2000 and quickly became one of the most successful fitness training products in the world. Originally the name “BOSU” was an acronym for “Both Sides Up.” It meant that the BOSU® Balance Trainer could be used on either side, the dome or the platform. Today, the term “BOSU” has evolved beyond the product to now mean “Both Sides Utilized,” a mindful approach to exercise that is a step beyond traditional training.”

Though a BOSU® Balance Trainer can be used for neuro-motor or strength development, my video uses it for a cardiovascular workout. Since our smart phones, lap tops and tablets are portable, any location can become your workout space. With video ready to play, lace your cross trainers for a snug fit, and fill your water bottle. Ten minutes from now you’ll be sweatier but more energized! For optimal health, strive for 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity cardiovascular training per week. If you don’t have a BOSU, use a Reebok Step or even the floor.

How to use the video:

1) Complete the BOSU 10-minute cardio workout 2-3 times (back to back) for a 20-30 minute workout. For a complete cardio & strength training session, immediately follow the BOSU 10-minute cardio workout with the Theraband workout.

2) Perform the BOSU 10-minute cardio workout intermittently through the day––whenever you have 10 minutes!

3) Complete the BOSU 10-minute cardio workout above and beyond your regular workout session as a way to burn more calories throughout the holidays. Just 10 minutes, six times a week (above and beyond your regular workout session), will give you an additional 60 minutes of physical activity.

First time using a BOSU®? What did you notice? Please share…

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