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Theraband workout

I was fortunate to be a part of 365fitt‘s Healthy Active Living trip to Captiva Island, Florida at the beginning of this month. While there, I taught a few group fitness classes, one of which utilized the theraband. Therabands are often used in chiropractic offices and rehab centers, but can also be used as a strength training tool at home . They are lightweight and compact which makes them easy to pack when traveling. If you don’t have a theraband you can purchase one by following my affiliate link to the Perform Better banner. It will direct you to their site for ordering. You can also search for local suppliers on the Theraband website or use fitness tubing instead. Look for each exercise sequence to post daily. Combine all five for a total body workout!

Exercise sequence #1:

Exercise sequence #2:

Exercise sequence #3:

Exercise sequence #4

Final sequence #5

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