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Motivated to change? 3 Steps To Healthy Habits

Do you find yourself struggling to maintain New Year’s resolutions? Sometimes trying to change too many things at once can set us up for failure. Whether you’re trying to exercise more, or eat less, you’re more likely to succeed at long-term lifestyle changes by focusing on one habit. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Choose one healthy habit per month (or longer if necessary), and master it before moving to another. Stay committed and before the end of the year you will have established healthy habits that will last a lifetime! This video from Modern Health Monk supports the idea of focusing on healthy habits, instead of caloric restrictions.

  1. Identify your current habits by completing the following the questionnaires: PhysicalActivity&Barriers and NutritionalQuestionnaire

  2. Create a list of healthy habits that you’d like to implement.

  3. From your list, choose one healthy habit and continue to work on this habit until it becomes easy to maintain. Then, add another.

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